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It was a chilly, January morning. Currently you were sitting across from your good friend Kanaya Maryam, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm you on this cold day. This had become a regular part of your life since you had lost your previous job. Every morning you would meet up with Kanaya and get drinks together as you chatted the morning away. At some point she would inform you of places that were in need of help.

You are very grateful for this. Not many people took time out of their day to help you, which is another reason you appreciated having Kanaya as your friend. She truly was the best you could ever have.

"So what have you got for me today?" you finally asked, sipping at your warm drink. For the majority of the morning the two of you talked about recent events taking place and other non important topics. Now it was time to get down to business.

She sighed, a guilty expression on her face. "I'm sorry [Name], but I wasn't able to find any places that would accept someone of your... description. I don't think you would have enjoyed working their either. The people there were rather rude, and it was extremely unsanitary as well," your good friend attempted to sugar coat her answer. Still, your face tightened at the news, or lack of. You really needed a job, and you needed to find one soon.

If you couldn't pay rent for your apartment when it was due then you would be evicted. You had already convinced the owner to give you more time, but now you were running out of it. Kanaya of course would offer to let you live with her and Rose in their apartment, but really you couldn't barge in on their living area. They had both already done way too much for you, and the last thing you wanted to do was make everything awkward for them. You could only imagine how it would go if you lived with the couple. That would really be over doing it.

"It's fine Kanaya. Thank you so much for looking anyway," you gave her a smile, trying your best to hold it. You quickly glanced down at your watch."It's almost noon, you should probably leave soon if you don't want to be late for your date with Rose," you gave a sly smirk.

Kanaya blushed at this.

"Yes you're right," she glanced at the clock in the small café. "Are you really sure you'll be alright though?" she asked, furrowing her brows.

"Yes, now go!" you chuckled as Kanaya quickly gathered her things and left. For a while longer you sat there, finishing your drink. Then you got up, paid for your drink, and left to go look for a new job on your own.

*Time Skip*

It was around eight in the evening when you got a phone call from Kanaya. The entire day had been rather uneventful and you still had no luck in finding a place that was hiring. It was a bit strange how few odd jobs there were. You guess you could understand it, but this was ridiculous. It was if life was messing with you and wanted you to get kicked out of your apartment and live out on the streets.

"Hello?" you quickly answered your phone. It was an old used one and the screen was slightly cracked, but it was still usable.

"Guess what!" Kanaya sounded excited.

"What is it?" you asked, your hopes building up.

"Rose and I were walking around the city and we came across this new book store. There was a 'Help Wanted' sign out in the window. We went in and talked to the owner and told him about you and how you were currently looking for a job. He agreed to meet up with and interview you at any time in the next week!" she chirped. You took a deep breath in, almost unable to believe this was real life. Could you be dreaming? This was just perfect. You loved books so much. This was almost like a dream job to you.

"Where is it?" you attempted to keep the excitement out of your voice.

Your friend quickly told you the address. Saying your thanks, you hung up and wrote the address down on a piece of scrap paper you had in your purse. Luckily it didn't seem to be too far from your apartment. Just a couple of blocks away. This was good considering you had no vehicle. This was finally it. You had to get this job if it was the last thing you ever did.

Quickly you made your way down to the bookstore. In less than an hour you had reached the address. You could have smiled at the sight of it. The shop was really cute and had a wonderful vibe to it. It was very welcoming. Apparently it was called 'Tales of Adventure' from the big sized letters across the front of the store. Through the window you saw the 'Help Wanted' sign that Kanaya had talked about.

With a big grin plastered on your face you entered the small shop, hoping that you would get a chance to work here. Already it was starting to feel like a new home, and that new book smell made it feel ten times better.

To your confusion, nobody seemed to be inside. Through the aisles of bookshelves, you didn't catch sight of any living thing. Then you noticed the door behind the counter. The owner must be in the back you realized, walking up to the counter. The door was slightly ajar.

"Hello," you called out loudly, hoping somebody was listening. "I'm here for that job interview,"

For a moment there was a shuffling noise from behind the door.

"Ah yes! You're the person that one woman was talking about," you heard a voice coming from behind the door. It was a male voice and it sounded somewhat familiar to you, but for some reason you couldn't place it. At that moment the man stepped out from the door, carrying a few large boxes that hid his face. It was the who you realized who this was. There was no need to see his face, you knew it so well.

"Are we ready-" he began but the instant he set down the boxes and looked up to see your surprised face, he cut off and said a name. "[Name]?" he breathed, his eyes widening, a caring smile growing on his face. It looks like he remembered you too.

"Hello Jake," a smile appeared on your face as well against your will. His smile was too contagious.

That was just another reason why you missed having Jake English as your past boyfriend.
I got this idea from my mom actually. She explained something had happened to her co worker and then I suddenly got this story idea and here I am writing it down as a love story for Jake English. This first chapter was kind of a rush because I was so excited to get it started.

I'm debating making this a long story or just four to five chapters. I guess it's just up to you guys if you want more or not.

Also if you have any suggestions, I'm always willing to give them a thought and possibly add them if they're pretty good or I can find a way to add them well.

Jake, Kanaya, Rose = Hussie

You = You (for now~)
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When Do You Think You Could Post Chapter 2 Of This Story? :)
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Thank you~ I just might but I don't want this to be a long ongoing thing. People get bored of that kind of thing really quickly.
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I understand completely. (Of course, the longest story I have up here is six chapters, which attests to my lack of knowing how to draw things out XD)
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