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July 16, 2013
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Currently you were searching for your boyfriend, or Matesprit as he called you. You had wanted to spend a little time with him, and maybe have a little 'fun' with the sea dweller that you loved oh so much. Finally you caught sight of your handsome Matesprit, along with Mituna. Instantly you groaned, knowing fully well that Cronus was picking on the poor guy again. It really bothered you how he kept insulting others like this. Whether he was joking or not, it was still very rude and Mituna really didn't deserve to be treated that way at all. Getting closer to the two, it became easier to hear what Cronus was saying. You would have been able to hear more if the former 'Heir of Doom' hadn't seen you.

"Hey [Name]!" the helmet clad Gemini waved rapidly at you, a grin replacing the scowl from before.

"It's good to see you again 'Tuna," you smiled back, walking up to him and giving him a quick hug to your friend. You were going to have to get back at Cronus somehow for bothering Mituna. Just because the sea dweller was your Matesprit, doesn't mean he could just hurt your friends.

"Vwhere's my sugar doll?" Cronus asked, crossing his arms as a frown made its way onto his face instead of that smug smirk he always had on his face. Rolling your eyes, you pulled away from Mituna, going up to your Matesprit and wrapping your arms around him in a hug. Of course, he had other plans and pulled your chin up, planting a kiss on your lips. Slowly, you closed your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pulled you closer to him. All the while, Cronus glared at Mituna with a look that said 'back off, she's mine'. Getting the message, the Heir of Doom left, feeling a bit awkward to be there when his friend was kissing the person that bullied him. Too soon for Cronus' liking, you pulled back, pressing your hands against his chest so he wouldn't go in for another kiss.

"I missed you," you sighed.

"I missed you too kitten~" he stroked one of your cheeks.

"Here I came looking for you and I find you picking on Mituna," Cronus definitely caught the disappointment in your voice. Cringing, he pulled his hand away from your cheek, hoping you wouldn't get too upset at him. "You know Cronus," you started, staring up at him. The sea dweller refused to make eye contact. He knew, he just knew you were going to make him regret what he had done if he looked down into your eyes. "It's really disappointing when I find my Matesprit bullying one of my close friends." Nope, nope nope. Cronus refused to look at you. There was no denying the fact now. You were pissed off at him, and this was going to end up horrible for him. "As Kankri would say. This triggers me very much." Oh gog, now he knew for sure just how furious you were behind the calm mask you kept on your face. "For that, I'll have to punish you~" you smirked, pulling his face down so your lips were inches apart from his. Cronus blinked in surprise, a violet blush appearing on his gray cheeks. "Although, I'm going to have to bring you back to our hive to start. We're going to need a little privacy," you kissed the corner of his lips teasingly.

"Vwhat?" he asked, slightly confused by your actions. If you were going to do what he thought you were planning to do, then that couldn't really be considered punishment. Although, he wasn't complaining at all. In fact, he welcomed your idea if it's what he thought it was.

"You'll see. Let's just get back to our hive," you grinned mischievously, grabbing Cronus' hand and pulling him in the direction of your home. It was still a little strange to call it your hive, but you were getting used to these troll terms.

In less than an hour you and Cronus stood before the medium sized hive that you shared with the sea dweller. Unlocking the door, you headed inside, your Matesprit following behind. Cronus raised a brow in question when you locked the door again. Your only reaction was a smirk.

"Now then," you shoved the sea dweller down against your couch, crawling on top of him. "Let's begin," you pressed your lips against his jaw. Cronus blushed at your actions, pleased to find that your plans were what he had in mind. He was right. This wasn't punishment at all. Your lips kissed his neck, up and down, biting down in various spots. All the while, grinding your hips against your Matesprit's when he gave out a low moan. It went on like that for a while, kisses being exchanged and you leaving marks over his neck that would let others know that Cronus was yours. Finally Cronus began getting impatient, wanting more of you. Tugging at the bottom of you shirt, he pulled the material up, wanting to see more of your body. You growled in response, slapping his hands away and leaning close to his ear. "This is your punishment Cronus. You will obey your master and let her play with you," you whispered huskily, nibbling lightly at his fins. Cronus resisted a shudder at your words as the majority of his violet blood shot down to his erection. You were never this dominate. Usually he would be the one on top, and you would be the blushing one mewling beneath him. Cronus had to admit it, this side of you was extremely sexy.

Smirking, you began pulling up his shirt. Cronus leaned forward and up so you could get it off easier. Grinning, you tossed the shirt to the side, moving your hand up and down his chest, taking the time to gently stroke his grub scars. The result was very rewarding. He groaned out, bucking his hips up against yours. Blindly, he groped at your body, his hands clamping around your breasts. Growling, you pulled his hands off. "I said obey your master," you spoke huskily again, grinding your hips against his while holding his hands down. Your Matesprit grinded his teeth together, wanting you to get on with this torture. It was getting harder to restrain himself from ripping off all your clothes and just taking you right then and there.

Cronus now understood how this was punishment.

Smirking at the obvious torture you were putting your Matesprit through, you began to unbutton his pants, unzipping them as well. Pulling off the article of clothing, you tossed it in the direction that you had tossed his shirt, grinning down at the sight of his boxers. They were the same ones you had given him for his 'wriggling day'. Dark purple ones with the logo 'Grease' on them. It was pretty self explanatory. Keeping his arms pinned down, you gave an experimental thrust against his hips. He moaned in response. Pleased at his reaction, you began grinding against his bulge at a torturously slow pace.

"Please just-" Cronus began, but you cut him off by pressing your lips to his once more.

"Please what~?" you questioned innocently, rolling your hips against his. Cronus hissed in pleasure at the action.

"JUST TAKE ME ALREADY!" He growled, hating this torture.

You looked down at him with a thoughtful expression, as if you were pondering on what to do, but you already knew what you were doing.

"No~" you grinned mischievously.

"Vwhat?" he furrowed his brows in confusion.

"I said no~ This is your punishment Cronus," you quickly got off of him, heading to your door. "You're not hearing from me for the next week. I'm staying at a friend's hive until your punishment is over," and with that said, you exited the hive before Cronus could stop you, a big smirk plastered across your face.

Maybe next time Cronus bullied somebody, he would remember your punishment and stop.
Recently, I've gotten to the part in Homestuck where they introduce the ancestors. Of course, I knew about them before and had already gained huge crushes on some of them, but only now have I decided to write for them. It really bugged me when I came to the part where Cronus bullied Mituna. Honestly, I love both characters, and I try to see the best in them, but still, it really infuriated me when I read what Cronus said. So, I came up with this idea that he should be punished for it, and since I love Cronus to death, I really couldn't think of any horrible punishments. So this happened instead.

It kind of upsets me that the Ampora's are hated on by a lot of people, so I decided I would show a little love through this lime.

I may make a part two that's a lemon, but I'm not sure if I should yet. I'm leaving for vacation in a few days, so I won't really have time to do anything.

Part 2:…

You = Cronus

Cronus = Andrew Hussie
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