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"Karkat Vantas," you whispered the name as you read it on the white piece of paper. What a surprise. You ended up with your flush crush. This was starting to remind you of one of those cheesy seven minutes in heaven fan fictions you read.

"Hey *hic* KARKAT YOU'RE UP!" Roxy shouted over the loud music. You looked up from the paper over to him, only to see the nubby horned troll arguing with Sollux Captor. Karkat was completely red faced while Sollux just sat there with a smirk on his face. For a second you and the crimson blooded troll made eye contact which only seemed to make his blush become brighter. This time he shouted loud enough for you to hear.

"I'll show you Sol," he shot up from his seat, grabbed your arm, and dragged you into the closet. Then he slammed the door closed and sat down. What the hell? Raising an eyebrow in question, you sat down beside him wondering what he had been talking about with Sollux before.

"Care to explain what you were talking about with Sollux before?" you prodded for an answer.

"It's none of your damn business!" Karkat snapped. He hoped through the darkness you wouldn't be able to see his dark blush. Oh gog, he really was going to do this.

"Okay, sorry for asking," you grumbled, a little disappointed. This wasn't going as well as you had hoped. You supposed it would be a bit too much to hope for some kind of confession from him, saying that he liked you back. At the very least to do what this game was meant for. To kiss somebody in a closet. Who the hell came up with this game anyway? Somebody had way too much sexual tension for their own good when they decided 'Hey let's make a game where random people get chosen and are then locked into a closet where they'll just end up having dry sex with each other!'

Minutes had already passed, and for the entire time the two of you sat there in awkward silence. Okay, that was enough.

"Hey [Name]-"

"You know Karkat-"

You had both started at the same time. "You can talk first," you offered politely. The nubby horned troll gulped.

"Is it really true that you have flushed feelings for me?" his question made you freeze. You stared straight at him in the darkness, wondering if you had heard him right. Who the hell told him that? The last time you checked, nobody knew that you had feelings for Karkat. There was no way he could have found that out from anybody else. Karkat didn't know why you still hadn't answered him, so he continued. "You've just been acting stranger than usual and I was wondering if this was the reason behind it. I've watched enough Romcoms to know what the signs are for when somebody's flushed for another," Karkat explained. You mentally kicked yourself. Why couldn't you have hid your feelings better? This was just getting more awkward by the second. "ARE YOU GOING TO FUCKING ANSWER OR NOT!?" he finally shouted, getting irritated by your lack of response. He just wanted to know if it was true or not.

"Yes," you finally answered with a shaky breath.

"Good," Karkat grabbed your shoulders and smashed his lips against yours. Instantly your eyes widened in surprise. This was not what you had expected to happen. At the very least you had thought Karkat would list reasons why you should fuck off and get a flush crush on anybody else. Eventually your mind became blank from the kiss you were starting to melt into. He obviously wasn't that experienced with kissing from the way he did things so clumsily. It was surprising considering he had watched so many of those romcoms. At least he had some idea of what he was doing. Only for a few seconds did you two pull away for much needed air.

Slowly your arms began wrapping around his neck as you deepened the kiss, nibbling gently at his bottom lip. Karkat opened his mouth slightly, staring into your eyes uncertain. His arms snaked around your waist as you slid your tongue into his mouth. Hesitantly you explored the new area, grazing your tongue against his razor sharp teeth and playing with his own tongue for a while.

Then the door burst open and a curious Captor peered into the room, a small scowl on his face at the sight before him.

You blushed and pulled away from the Vantas before more people came to see what you were doing with Karkat.

"Looks like you owe me one," the nubby horned troll smirked up at Sollux, who in turn rolled his eyes behind his red and blue glasses.

"Yeah yeah. Congratth on your new Matethpritthip KK," Sollux smirked. "Let'th thee how long it'll latht," he chuckled.

Karkat only growled, pulling you closer. You were very confused right now.

"So are you gonna explain what that was about?" you raised a brow. Karkat gave a heavy sigh before dragging you into a secluded area where nobody would bother you two.

"Just listen because I really only want to have to explain this once," he grumbled. "Sol found out about my flush crush on you and we made a bet. If you had feelings for me then he owed me a favor. If you didn't then I had to be the test subject of his new viruses," he quickly explained. You could have face palmed at this all.

"Why would you make a bet like that!? What if I really didn't like you back?" you asked in exasperation. He really could've gotten hurt by some of those viruses. What if his husktop blew up again?

"Well you did, and now you're stuck with me whether you want to or not,"

You blushed, leaning forward and kissing the nubby horned troll again. At least you could look forward to more kisses like this from him.
Sorry I got a little lazy with this one, but I literally wrote it just this morning and I have to leave like right now.


Eridan: Not finished
Kurloz: Not finished
Gamzee: Not finished
Equius: Not finished
Mituna: Not finished
Sollux: Not finished
Rufioh: Not finished
Tavros: Not finished
Karkat: You are here

John: Not finished
Dave: Not finished
Jake: Not finished
Dirk: Not finished

Doc Scratch:…
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